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Everyday Behavior and Habits

11/2/2023 (Permalink)

Everyday Behavior and Habits:

Our behavior in our everyday tasks, even though we don't realize it, can be hazardous to our everyday living. We can create unsafe habits that we don not realize can be the cause of a major accident. Nobody intends on causing a disaster, but we can learn how to change our behavior, by paying attention to our actions.

When cooking never leave food unattended on the store top. Food can spill, burn, or even catch fire. Always make sure to keep the underside of your stove top clean from spilled oils and foods. Keeping this area free of oils and debris will lessen the chances of fire starting under your stove top. Clean your oven regularly, foods tend to spill in the oven even when we do not realize it. These foods keep getting cooked down until they get to a point where they become a fire hazard. Cooking with oil is another area where taking caution is a good idea. Always make sure your oil is not overly heated when putting frozen foods into it. Oil that is over heated tend to pop and boil over when frozen foods get put into them, the water creates a dangerous combination making it highly probable for fires to start.

Always turn your water off when going on vacation, or leaving for multiple days in a row. This can help prevent a small leak from creating a big problem. Do not leave water running for baths, dishes, and even if you are just filling something up if you are leaving the room. It is incredible how fast something can over flow and cause major water damage. Inspect your pipes often, this can prevent small leaks or cracks from becoming broken pipes. Water valves should be checked when ever you use them, make sure water is not coming out of any seals or threading.

When decorating your home, make sure not to put your furniture directly against any outside walls. Outside walls can build up moisture if not given the proper circulation of air, and nobody want mold growing on their walls. keep your relative humidity low in your home to prevent mold growth. keeping a small dehumidifier running if you live in a very humid area can be beneficial. Any moisture that is not cleaned up and left, has the potential to become mold growth, Mold only take 72 hours to start forming.

If you experience any of these problems and you find yourself needing help to get your home back to looking "Like it never even happened," give SERVPRO of Coos, Curry, and Del Norte Counties, we are a 24hour/7 days a week emergency service and we can be reached at 541-808-2600.

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